Let's get serious (not too much though) - Ye Wilde Quiz Champions League Season 18!!!

Greetings, Queops! It has been a while since real news appeared here but I'm a bit 'hand'icapped at the mo and typing one-handedly is a chore.
Anyroads, show must go on... New Years quiz is a thing of the past (lots of new faces and even more fun) and was meant to be a soft start into quiz year 2017 (points somewhere below, for those of you who need reminder or confirmation).

We are kicking off the new Wilde Quiz Champions League season with WQ#216 on Thursday 19 January at 8pm. Going back to the regular rules and rounds, we're going to have 2 picture rounds and 2 music rounds, one golden round and one round about current events and ****heads about to take office. The other topics are still top secret ;)

Fietscherings - if you are reading this, I await your Yogi topics with impatience and preferably before Sunday 9pm,

We still have a few tables. If you want in drop us a line (quiz_miz@hotmail.com)..

And last but not least the chance to start with up to FOUR! points. Prediction of the week -.Handball World Cup. Pick four of the following eight games and predict the winners. Send me your wild guesses by mail, before the respective games kick off.

14 Jan Brasil - Poland
15 Jan France - Norway
15 Jan Chile - Germany
16 Jan Slovenia - Macedonia
16 Jan Denmark - Sweden
16 Jan Croatia - Belarus
17 Jan Germany - Saudi Arabia
18 Jan Argentina - Egypt

And here are the New Year's points. Congrats to 4-2-Won on the first victory 2017.

1. 4-2-Won 76
2. CannonballZ 71
3. Pünktchens 70
4. U Been Trumped 69,5
5. Bierpfütze 60,5
6. Flying Penguins 58,5
7. Amazing Graces 54
8. Fietscherings 52,5
9. Die Unterschriftenmafia 38,5

PS To all the smartarses and Immerdazwischenquatscher - we have a new #HatOfShame ;)


Manners matter

Quiz year 2017 kicked off rather nicely and all teams old and new were enjoying themselves plenty.

For those teams who booked a table, didn't show up and never even bothered to cancel thus robbing other teams of the chance to get a table - bad manners.
Don't bother trying to book again. Much like Santa, I'm making a list. And you're on it,

That said - all the new teams tonight were lovely queops and are welcome back any Thursday. Your names I have too :)

ps. points & stuff later this week ;D


Wilde Quiz 2017.. here we go again

NewYear's greetings, queops! Hope y'all had a good start into 2017 and are chomping at the bit.

We start the new quiz year on Thursday 5 January, 8pm, with the annual review quiz - 4 rounds about things and people that mattered in 2016. 

There is only 1 table left now. If you want in best be quick to send a mail to quiz_miz@hotmail.com.

The dates for the next quizzes are

WQ#216 Thursday 19 January (start WQ Champions League Season 18)
WQ#217 Thursday 2 February
WQ#218 Thursday 16 January
WQ#219 Thursday 2 March



Season's greetings to y'all, queops :)

After a year of riddles and fun and more than the occasional amount of BS I wish you & your loved ones the best holidays you can get. Frohe Weihnachten, Happy Hanukkah, Joyeux Noël, Happy Christmas, and above all a VERY MERRY QUIZMAS.

May the new year bring us peace and joy, health and prosperity, and also the odd (correct) answer to the questions life throws at us.

We'll meet again in 2017 (on 5 January, to be exact). Until then - enjoy the holidays, the time with family and friends, fine spirits and acceptable weather. Stay quizzical, wherever you are, and above all - STAY SAFE!


Points (be)for(e) the FINAL - Prediction of the Week.

Queops, old and new, greetings.
For those of you who have a table for WQ#212 on Thursday - here is the chance to start with a massive 12!!! points.
Prediction of the Week. The game is football, the matches are either meaningless friendlies ('mon, Italy!!) or WC qualifiers (eh, Argentina?)
As usual, give me scores and I give you 1 point for correct result and 2 points for correct score.
Deadlines=kickoff times. Any yes, you can pick ALL 6 GAMES :)
Send me your predictions by mail or leave a comment here or in the FB group.

8.45pm Italy - Germany
8.45pm N.Ireland - Croatia
9pm England - Spain

0.30am Argentina - Colombia
0.30am Chile - Uruguay
3.15am Peru- Brazil

Good luck :)))


Once more, the end is nigh.. be prepared for Finals, Decades & Quizmas

Nope, no DT reference. I'm still in denial.
The year 2016 is leaning sharply towards its end and we have 3 quizzes left. And they're all pretty much booked up. VERY few tables left (unless some people cancel) and groups bigger than 6 need not apply anymore.

These are the dates and themes:

Ye Wilde Quiz #212
- the big Champions Leagues Season 17 FI-NAAA.Le, oho...
Thursday 17 November 2016, 8pm - due to cancellations, we now have 1 table left
Ye Wilde Quiz #213 - the mad review and party quiz - all 70s, 80, and 90s
Thursday 1 December 2016, 8pm - ONLY 1 TABLE LEFT
Ye Wilde Quizmas - the annual seasonal silliness with crimbo questions, songs, sweets, games & drinks
Thursday 15 December 2016, 8pm -  FULLY BOOKED NOW, no more tables unless someone cancels :(

If you want the precious last table(s) do send a mail to quiz_miz@hotmail.com. NO OTHER WAY to get in.

Of course we will have predictions of the week or other games to pick up a few extra points. We will also have a 'secret Santa' round for Quizmas and other things I haven't though of. Yet. 
All the pertinent info will appear here or in the fb group (Brains in Berlin) or will be sent by mail to the lucky team who managed to get a table.


Wilde Quiz Autumn & Winter Agenda

Greetings, Queops.

Since we keep getting booking requests for quizzes that aren't going to happen, here are the quiz dates for the remainder of 2016.

For at least the rest of 2016 we have to schedule our quizzes around the Europa League Thursdays. Therefore our regular quiz dates on the first and third Thursday of each month are somewhat subject to change.

The last 4 quiz dates for this ole year are as follows

  • WQ#211 Thursday 27 October (due to last minute cancellations, now 3 spare tables - if you want in send mail to quiz_miz@hotmail.com .. by 6.15pm at the latest. or just turn up tonight)
  • WQ#212 (Champions League S17 Finale), Thursday 17 November (4 tables left)
  • WQ#213 Special Edition 70s+80s+90s (details here at a later date), Thursday 1 December (5 tables left)
  • WQ#214 Quizmas, Thursday 15 December (2 tables left)
  • (WQ#215 2016 Review Quiz, Thursday 5 January 2017, 8pm)

Reservations can only be made by mail to quiz_miz@hotmail.com. Please note that, due to recent unpleasant events, we cannot accept groups larger than 12 people anymore.