P2P, Pelmeni, Penny/Peggy & Pepsi f***-up - WQ#221

WQ#221 goes to show once more that size doesn't matter.... after some last minute cancellations we had loads of fun, and enough chocolate and raspberry vodka shots for all... the latter will make a repeat appearance soon :)
Fietscherings and Pünktchens were the first teams to reach 6 games and can now start on their Streichergebnisse (in case of Fietschs... muahaha - their WORST is 78!).. maybe we will see the first Champions in Wilde Quiztory with a 600+ score .. ich bin schon so aufgeregt ...

1. Fietscherings***** 97,5
2. Pünktchen 95,5
3. Quizzers w/ Attitude (fka 4.2.Won) 89,5
4. Vom Fuchs Geleckt 68
5. Amazing Graces* 67,5
6. Moostard 65
7. P2P 63

Massive THX to P2P for two lovely Yogi topics (with LOADS of leftover questions #justsaying), so lovely in fact that they have the next two, too :D

Now we take a well deserved and much needed Easter/פֶּסַח‎ break.. I wish you all Hoppy Easter and/or חַג כָּשֵׁר וְשָׂמֵחַ ... see you on 20 April for WQ#222 (only 3 tables left now so get them while you can...) 


Spring Roll Call & Roundup

Quick recap for the few Queops who are not following things at BrainsInBerlin ..

WQ#220 was another 'fun en famille' night and BallZ finally started their title defence.. Fietschs and Pünktchens still lead the table and the fun really starts after we celebrate halftime on 6 April. Below are points of the night and the Champions League table before Bergfest.

1. CannonballZ** 94,5
2. Fietscherings***** 78
3. 4-2-Won 76
4. Pünktchen 66
5. Amazing Graces* 57,5
6. Angela’s Ankles 44
7. Professional Monkey Feeders 42
8. P2P 25,5

WQ#221 takes place on 6 April, we have 3 tables left and deadline for reservations is Wednesday 9am. After that we'll throw ourselves into the preparations for what is going to be our annual Easter Eggstravaganza. Egg hunt & other games, sweets 'n' treats and a bigly basket full of interesting topics, new pictures and sweet sounds. And maybe even fresh raspberry vodka shots ...

I eggsaterate not when I say we're rolling out an eggsciting quiz ... chicken bet on it 👯


Songs with numbers, spot the ball, super Shellfish Giants, and Spring break - WQ#219

Wilde Quiz (that's what WQ stands for, OBVIOUSLY) was another fun affair with some very smart new teams... who knows, it might not be the runaway victory for Fietscherings after all? Then again, 3 wins out of 4... (but some really massive Streichergebnisse already...)

1. Fietscherings***** 98,5
2. CannonballZ** 98
3. Shellfish Giants 94
4. Pünktchen 93
5. The Fab Five 64
6. Amazing Graces* 58,5
7. P2P 58,5
8. Nieman Sisters 56,5
9. Angela’s Ankles 54,5
10. MD aka MicroDiscovery 46,5
11. P2 Squared (after 4 rounds) 38

BallZ and 4.2.Won teamed up again, finished a close second and this time Ballz took the points (and got the better deal) ...BUT Pünktchens profited from 4.2.Won forfeiting the round and climbed into second place with another nice 90+ score. This race is definitely just starting and looks more and more interesting by the week...

As announced, we take a 3-week break and return for WQ#220 on 23 March (ONLY 4 TABLES LEFT). Then back to the old 1st+3rd Thursday routine.. details on Easter Quiz soon..

Have a phantastic March and enjoy the spring and the sun.


WQ#219 - Prediction of the Week

As announced, POTW for #WQ219 is Oscars.
Pick 4!!!! of the following 7 categories and predict the winners. Deadline is Sunday midnight.
(wer die deutschen Kategorien/Filmtitel braucht - GIYF ;)

Best Adapted Screenplay
- Arrival – Eric Heisserer
- Fences – August Wilson (posthumous nomination)
- Hidden Figures – Allison Schroeder and Theodore Melfi
- Lion – Luke Davies from A Long Way Home
- Moonlight – Barry Jenkins and Tarell Alvin McCraney

Best Foreign Language Film
- Land of Mine (Denmark) in Danish – Martin Zandvliet
- A Man Called Ove (Sweden) in Swedish – Hannes Holm
- The Salesman (Iran) in Persian – Asghar Farhadi
- Tanna (Australia) in Nauvhal – Martin Butler and Bentley Dean
- Toni Erdmann (Germany) in German – Maren Ade

Best Animated Feature Film
- Kubo and the Two Strings – Travis Knight and Arianne Sutner
- Moana – John Musker, Ron Clements, and Osnat Shurer
- My Life as a Zucchini – Claude Barras and Max Karli
- The Red Turtle – Michaël Dudok de Wit and Toshio Suzuki
- Zootopia – Byron Howard, Rich Moore, and Clark Spencer

Best Original Song
- "Audition (The Fools Who Dream)" from La La Land
- "Can't Stop the Feeling!" from Trolls
- "City of Stars" from La La Land
- "The Empty Chair" from Jim: The James Foley Story
- "How Far I'll Go" from Moana

Best Visual Effects
- Deepwater Horizon
- Doctor Strange
- The Jungle Book
- Kubo and the Two Strings
- Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Best Director
- Denis Villeneuve – Arrival
- Mel Gibson – Hacksaw Ridge
- Damien Chazelle – La La Land
- Kenneth Lonergan – Manchester by the Sea
- Barry Jenkins – Moonlight

Best Supporting Actress
- Viola Davis – Fences as Rose Maxson
- Naomie Harris – Moonlight as Paula
- Nicole Kidman – Lion as Sue Brierley
- Octavia Spencer – Hidden Figures as Dorothy Vaughan
- Michelle Williams – Manchester by the Sea as Randi

Oscars at the Oscar's - WQ#219

First things first, Wilde Quiz #218 was the most fun in a long time, largely due to the big but very well-behaved and most knowledgable crowd we've seen this year. We look forward to seeing some of the 'newbies' again for WQ#219.. do make it a habit :)

BallZ joined forces with 4-2-Won... and won, And generously donated their Champions League points to 4-2-Won who climbed up to #2 in the CL table. For now.

1. 4-2-BallZ 88,5
2. Amazing Graces* 87,5
3. Fietscherings***** 85
4. P2P 75
5. Pünktchens 71
6. Professional Monkey Feeders 68
7. Angela’s Ankles 67
8. Schmidteinander 62,5
9. Fröbel Röbel 55,5
10. Frozen Mushrooms 51,5
11. Team Moloko 41

Wilde Quiz #219 on 2 March is now fully booked. There is a waiting list in case someone cancels - if you want on it, send us a mail to quiz_miz@hotmail.com.

Prediction of the week in a separate post, or in the FB group.

Looking forward to WQ#219 with cover versions, Oscars trivia, naked facts, Fasching, and viel fun.


Von A(lternative Facts) bis Z(itate)... and almost everything inbetween... plus Grammy songs, puzzling pics - WQ#218

Now that BAFTAs and GRAMMYs have been won (or at least handed out) it's time to return to the Wilde Quiz title race... round 3 (WQ#218) is up on Thursday 16 February and we are now FULLY BOOKED/AUSGEBUCHT.

It will be interesting to see who takes the third win of the season. Can Fietscherings make it a treble of century breaks? With DAQ absent again and BallZ missing their S04 core, can Pünktchens prevail, Graces go for gold, or 4-2-Won win? With new quiz-savvy teams joining us the game, Mrs. Hudson, is definitely on...


Beat-the-BallZ** season is open - next up: NFL, jubilees & nackte Tatsachen. WQ#217

Apologies for the late update but RL and all that...

First game of Champions League Season 18 was fun (despite, or maybe because of, the relatively small crowd), and yielded YUUUUGE points (first century break of the season already!!).. even though it cost me my voice...

Anyroad, I've finally found the points table with last week's MASSIVE SCORES. The best scores! We always have the best numbers. The very best. Ever. WIN!
And the first winners of Champions League Season 18 are...

1. Fietscherings***** 105,5
2. CannonballZ** 9,5
3. DAQ******** 84
4. Pünktchens 84
5. 4-2-Won 81,5
6. Friend Sips 76,5
7. The Importance of Being Quizzical 69,5

Massive points indeed when the 'last' team has more points than the second-placed team on many other nights.

As for the future - my voice is back if still a bit scratchy and I WON'T SHOUT NEXT THURSDAY (nor will I needlessly repeat questions if queops can'tbe quiet) but WQ#217 IS GO!!! Thursday 2 February at 8pm. Only 2 tables left now.. mail me if you want one.

Those who have a table might want to start with up to 5 points by chancing it in the Prediction of the Week. Simply pick 5 of the following 9 matches (football, tennis, handball) and predict the winner (or draw). Deadlines are the respective kick-off times.

• Ingolstadt – HSV 3.30pm
• Oxford Utd. – Newcastle Utd 4pm
• Southampton - Arsenal 6.30pm
• Senegal - Cameroon 8pm

• Freiburg – Hertha 3.30pm
• Congo - Ghana 5pm
• USA - Serbia 10pm

• Liverpool – Chelsea 9pm

Saturday / Sunday
• Australian Open Women’s Single Final
• Australian Open Men’s Single Final
• Handball World Cup Final