This is the end, my friends.... A Wilde Quiz Swan Song

On #DelugeDay, at the end of an exciting and fun Champions League final (in which Fietscherings****** beat CannonballZ** by HALF A POINT and gathered their 6th Wilde Quiz Champions title) we were hit over the head with the sad (but no quite unexpected) news that the Oscar Wilde Irish Pub closes its gates on 16 July. Not only do we mourn a place were friends were made, football followed, were Guinness flowed freely and languages were learned, we also have to say good bye to the institution that was, for almost 15 years, YE WILDE QUIZ.

It is with a heavy heart and more than one tear in our eyes that we announce the VERY, VERY, VERY LAST WILDE QUIZ. In which we are going to partay, ask and answer questions, laugh and drink, play silly games, and reminisce the f*** out of the night.
We have 4 tables left on TUESDAY 11 July. The door to the back bar will open at 7pm (the quiz starts at 8pm) and (most of) the ususal rules apply.

Mail your reservation requests, questions, and/or comments to quiz_miz@hotmail.com

Whatever the future might bring is unclear as yet. Maybe we'll move on to another place, maybe we'll meet in the park. And maybe we'll never meet again.. For updates do watch this space.


The End is nigh... of Champions League season 18

Queops, the summer is (finally?) upon us and we want to bring the exciting Wilde Quiz Champions League Season 18 to an end before we all, at various times, head into the summer hols.. Only 3 quizzes left and although it seems as if Fietscherings have already run away with their 6th title, we might still see the finishing line attack of Great BallZ on Fire... or Powerpoints on the prowl. In the quiz biz you never know...

After the fun night that was WQ#224 (with F-words, trips down memory lane, polyphonic ringtones & the novelty 'movie scene song' round) we meet again for WQ#225 on Thursday 1 June at 8pm.. YAY - KINDERTAG!!
There will be rounds on (not of) fast food and fast animals (and slow ones), kinder(leichte) Fragen and sightseeing trips. And we will celebrate the return of the fresh Raspberry Ginger Mint Lime Vodka Shot. YUM!!

We still have 4 tables for teams looking for a challenge (or looking to challenge) .. bookings by mail to quiz_miz@hotmail.com... NO PHONE CALLS to Oscar Wilde, I won't get them before Thursday night and that's too late.

The remainder of season 18 will be played in June.

WQ#226 - Thursday 15 June, 8pm
WQ#227 - Thursday 29 June, 8pm

Dates for July and August are yet to be confirmed.


Bücher, Berge, Ben Skywalker & Great BallZ* on fire - WQ#223

Well, that was fun again... and now that BallZ** have entered the race proper, and moved up to second place, the Wilde Quiz Champions League season 18 is getting interesting...

1. CannonballZ** 99
2. Quizzers w/ Attitude 90,5
3. Pünktchen 85,5
4. Fietscherings***** 77,5
5. Quiz in my Pants 63
6. Yvonne III 59,5
7. Moostard 57,5
8. Vom Fuchs Geleckt 52
9. P2P 46,5

The next quiz is WQ#224 on Thursday 11 May (the Thursday before Eurowischen #justsaying) and we still have 5 tables.
Then we take a 3-week break till 1 June (Kindertag!!!) ... the next Wilde Quiz dates are

WQ#224   11 May
WQ#225   1 June
WQ#226   15 June
WQ#227   29 June

See you on of those days,


Tennis, Tiddlytubbies, and The Big Apple. Powerpünktchens. And never mind RAMRO - WQ#222

WQ#222 was a night of fun and f***-ups. Well, actually just ONE F-UP but what a glorious one :)

Glorious was also what I would call the performance of POWERpoints aka Pünktchens. Congrats on grabbing gold in WQ#222, and staying on the heels of Fietscherings.. with 5 games left, can we crown NEWnew champions this summer??

1. Pünktchen 89,5
2. CannonballZ** 86,5
3. Fietscherings***** 83,5
4. Amazing Graces* 76,5
5. P2P 75,5
6. Vom Fuchs Geleckt 68
7. Monkey Team 67
8. Stat Gehirn 63,5
9. MyStat 55,5

WQ#223 on 4 May (May the Fourth, hint, hint ;)) will give the rest of the regular teams their 6th game and the Champions League season will kick of for real.
WQ#224 will most likely take place on Thursday 11 May since we have other plans for 18 May. But more on that in May...


P2P, Pelmeni, Penny/Peggy & Pepsi f***-up - WQ#221

WQ#221 goes to show once more that size doesn't matter.... after some last minute cancellations we had loads of fun, and enough chocolate and raspberry vodka shots for all... the latter will make a repeat appearance soon :)
Fietscherings and Pünktchens were the first teams to reach 6 games and can now start on their Streichergebnisse (in case of Fietschs... muahaha - their WORST is 78!).. maybe we will see the first Champions in Wilde Quiztory with a 600+ score .. ich bin schon so aufgeregt ...

1. Fietscherings***** 97,5
2. Pünktchen 95,5
3. Quizzers w/ Attitude (fka 4.2.Won) 89,5
4. Vom Fuchs Geleckt 68
5. Amazing Graces* 67,5
6. Moostard 65
7. P2P 63

Massive THX to P2P for two lovely Yogi topics (with LOADS of leftover questions #justsaying), so lovely in fact that they have the next two, too :D

Now we take a well deserved and much needed Easter/פֶּסַח‎ break.. I wish you all Hoppy Easter and/or חַג כָּשֵׁר וְשָׂמֵחַ ... see you on 20 April for WQ#222 (only 3 tables left now so get them while you can...) 


Spring Roll Call & Roundup

Quick recap for the few Queops who are not following things at BrainsInBerlin ..

WQ#220 was another 'fun en famille' night and BallZ finally started their title defence.. Fietschs and Pünktchens still lead the table and the fun really starts after we celebrate halftime on 6 April. Below are points of the night and the Champions League table before Bergfest.

1. CannonballZ** 94,5
2. Fietscherings***** 78
3. 4-2-Won 76
4. Pünktchen 66
5. Amazing Graces* 57,5
6. Angela’s Ankles 44
7. Professional Monkey Feeders 42
8. P2P 25,5

WQ#221 takes place on 6 April, we have 3 tables left and deadline for reservations is Wednesday 9am. After that we'll throw ourselves into the preparations for what is going to be our annual Easter Eggstravaganza. Egg hunt & other games, sweets 'n' treats and a bigly basket full of interesting topics, new pictures and sweet sounds. And maybe even fresh raspberry vodka shots ...

I eggsaterate not when I say we're rolling out an eggsciting quiz ... chicken bet on it 👯


Songs with numbers, spot the ball, super Shellfish Giants, and Spring break - WQ#219

Wilde Quiz (that's what WQ stands for, OBVIOUSLY) was another fun affair with some very smart new teams... who knows, it might not be the runaway victory for Fietscherings after all? Then again, 3 wins out of 4... (but some really massive Streichergebnisse already...)

1. Fietscherings***** 98,5
2. CannonballZ** 98
3. Shellfish Giants 94
4. Pünktchen 93
5. The Fab Five 64
6. Amazing Graces* 58,5
7. P2P 58,5
8. Nieman Sisters 56,5
9. Angela’s Ankles 54,5
10. MD aka MicroDiscovery 46,5
11. P2 Squared (after 4 rounds) 38

BallZ and 4.2.Won teamed up again, finished a close second and this time Ballz took the points (and got the better deal) ...BUT Pünktchens profited from 4.2.Won forfeiting the round and climbed into second place with another nice 90+ score. This race is definitely just starting and looks more and more interesting by the week...

As announced, we take a 3-week break and return for WQ#220 on 23 March (ONLY 4 TABLES LEFT). Then back to the old 1st+3rd Thursday routine.. details on Easter Quiz soon..

Have a phantastic March and enjoy the spring and the sun.